Partnership Workshops

Tailored sessions to show what affinity marketing can (and cannot) do for you.

An Affinity Workshop can be developed to provide insight and recommend actions for those experienced in, or new to partnerships. It can be tailored to look at a specific issue or to provide an introduction into the possibilities of affinity marketing.

Our Partnership Workshops may involve:

Exploring the concept of affinity partnerships and best practice in different sectors

Reviewing the performance of existing partnerships

Analysing how different products and services can succeed in different sectors

Assessing what different sectors will want from you

Outlining the range of criteria to use in weighting and scoring sectors and opportunities

Demonstrating the real opportunity for affinity marketing

Highlighting any blockages and agreeing an action plan for future activity

The process will be used to inform and promote debate within your team and is a valuable and cost-effective method of analysing the opportunities available.

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