Case Study: Account Management

Client Situation

A leading professional association was seeking to drive more value out of its "commercial activities" (affinity partnerships, training, events and advertising) and to ensure that they were being managed in the most effective way.

Commercial activities generated substantial revenues, but some were performing poorly and overall, the level of internal resource used to manage them was too high.

Our involvement

Key stakeholders (internal and external) were interviewed to understand the strength of the relationships and whether opportunities were being realised.

Prepared a financial model, benchmarking the success of commercial activities against a number of similar organisations.

Developed a detailed project plan and deliverables to cover management of existing partnerships and recommended structural changes to support the positioning of commercial activities within the organisation.


Increased total revenue and reduced costs for managing the client's commercial activities; as a result of greater focus and rationalisation of existing partnerships.

Introduced and led a process for new commercial activities and adopted a more systematic approach to marketing and business planning.

The client commissioned additional work, including a major tender management project, to support the account management activities.

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